Central Christian Academy Preschool



Our schedule and activities are planned in order to prevent discipline problems and to recognize the unique needs of the young child. When discipline problems do occur, we attempt to analyze the cause of the problem and gain help, support and advice from the parents. Discipline is primarily the responsibility of the classroom teacher with the support and counseling of the administration.

We strive to provide gentle guidance along with appropriate limits. Our staff guides children to develop self-control and orderly conduct in relationship to peers and adults. Aggressive physical behavior towards staff or children is unacceptable.

Teachers will intervene immediately when a child becomes physically aggressive and encourage more acceptable behavior. We encourage children to make choices and then allow them to experience the natural consequences (as long as the consequences are not dangerous) of making unacceptable choices.

Under no circumstances will physical punishments (such as spanking, pinching, slapping, etc.) be used. "Time out" (removal of a child from an activity or the group), or removal of privileges, when used sparingly, are considered to be appropriate disciplinary methods.

We do not consider a child's being asked to sit in time-out occasionally a reason to notify parents; however, parents will be consulted if inappropriate behavior continues. If help is not received from parents or discipline problems cannot be resolved, we may require that a child be removed from the program.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Lead teachers conduct assessments on children and share the results during Parent/Teacher conferences twice a year.  Our next Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for

November 5 & 6

March 11 & 12 (Optional)




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