Central Christian Academy Preschool


Our Health Policy

Children showing any symptoms which prevent them from participating comfortably in classroom activities, or a combination of any of the following symptoms, will be placed in the health room and a parent called to pick up his/her child:

• Fever of 100 or more degrees orally
• Listless behavior
• Stomachache
• Earache
• Sore throat
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Rash
• Eye Infection
• Uncontrolled coughing
• Difficulty breathing
• Any known contagious disease while in the communicable stage

Reminder: Children must be free from any of the above symptoms for at least 24 hours without the aid of medications (such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.) before returning to school. The school must have a means by which we can reach one of the parents.  If you question whether your child is sick, then you should keep them at home! This will help keep all of our children well.



Children in each session of preschool will be served a snack from one of the four food groups; snacks are provided by parents on a rotation basis.  We ask that you not bring red or purple drinks due to stains they leave on carpet/tile. 

Please Note: Each year we have several children enrolled in our program that have serious life threatening peanut allergies to peanut/peanut butter.  Children with serious peanut allergies can suffer a reaction (even death) merely by touching or smelling a peanut-containing food.  This is a major health issue and MUST be taken seriously.  Therefore, we have made the decision to become a peanut/tree nut (almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc) free preschool.  


Some snack suggestions include: cubed cheese, fresh fruit, Jello jigglers, pudding, muffins, finger sandwiches, raw vegetables and dip, crackers, yogurt, ice cream cups.


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