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Philosophy of Early Education


Early Childhood is an exciting and important time of life. We view early childhood as a time of discovering, experiencing, exploring, and "doing" as best described through our curricular goals which are Christ-centered, developmentally appropriate, and well-rounded.


We teach the Bible and biblical concepts (II Timothy 3:15), striving to integrate the love of God (John 3:16) throughout the program. Children are taught that they are special and unique, made by God (Colossians 1:16) for a special purpose, and that God desires to have fellowship with them personally (through prayer, learning about His Word, etc.).

Developmentally Appropriate

The staff is trained (II Timothy 2:15) and expected to provide activities that take into account how young children develop and learn. Young children neither think nor learn like adults; they are concrete thinkers who learn by doing, therefore learning centers are the best approach to teaching preschoolers. Language and pre-reading skills develop best when children are encouraged and challenged to express themselves verbally. We strive for an environment where natural curiosity and creativity flourish. We hope your child leaves this place believing that learning is fun!


We believe that a superior program for young children views them as "whole persons." We understand that they have spiritual, emotional, physical, social, creative, and cognitive needs that are integrally related. Therefore, we approach early childhood education with a necessity for addressing all aspects of the child's "self." Curriculum plans for each child will include activities to enhance his or her development in math, science, creative arts, Bible, language arts, social studies, movement, music, and Spanish.