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To know God is the Creator of all things
To know the Bible is God's Word
To know Jesus is God's Son, He died on the cross for our sins and was buried and rose again
To know that daily prayer is important communication with God
To learn godly character through stories, experiences, and daily life situations
To know that there are many unique and different people in the world and that everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made


To help the parent and child separate easily
To interact with peers in a positive way
To cooperate in classroom routines
To develop self-help skills
To gain an understanding of the world around them


To develop and strengthen hand-eye coordination
To introduce scissors skills
To be able to manipulate a variety of writing tools and paint


To be able to throw a ball in the general direction desired
To be able to kick a large ball in the general direction desired
To be able to catch a large ball from 3 feet
To be able to pedal a tricycle in a straight line
To be able to run, gallop and jump smoothly


To be exposed to a variety of literature
To model written language through journalizing
To develop comprehension skills
To be exposed to rhyming words
To be exposed to complete sentences including proper use of pronouns, nouns and verbs


To recognize shapes (square, circle, triangle)
To develop sorting and matching skills
To be able to count to 10
To be able to complete age-appropriate puzzles


To gain an understanding of God's Creation
To gain an understanding of cause and effect
To have numerous hands-on opportunities


To recognize colors
To expose children to a variety of media
To encourage creativity through a variety of open-ended art activities
To experience cause and effect through various art activities


To expose children to different styles of music
To foster listening skills and promote sound awareness
To encourage children to interact with music through singing and physical movement
To encourage enjoyment of and creativity through music