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Admission to Central Christian Academy Preschool is based upon a personal interview with parents, their application and other spiritual input.   The intent of the interview is to examine spiritual areas and to establish a clear understanding how the parents, student and school work together in the training and learning process.  It is essentral that every family understand and clearly support our Mission Statement, the Preschool's Philosophy  the biblical standards of the school, and the spiritual accountability of parents.  For the student to be accepted, at least one parent needs to show evidence through personal and written/verbal testimony that they have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior (this requirement supports the position of the school being an extension of the home and church), and a desire for spiritual training/nurture to be part of the home responsibility of the parents.  

As a matter of integrity we reserve the right to refuse students whose behavioral and spiritual needs are not compatible with the present program.  The Preschool Director shall make the final determination of acceptance for all student applications.  

Admission Forms

The forms listed below will need to accompany an $80 non-refundable registration fee submitted to the preschool office or you can apply online by clicking on "Online Application". **Due to credit card processing, an additional fee will be charged for the convenience of online application**

CCAP Enrollment Form

Authorization for Medical Treatment

General Information Form

Field Trip Form

Health Assessment Form

Media/Photo Release Form

Automatic Withdrawal Form  




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